After 23 years of Ministry Teaching and 17 years of Pastoral Ministry Apostle Eugene A. Taylor Jr. came to a crossroad where some decisions had to be made.



Was he going to continue to follow a safe traditional path? Or venture out into the vision that the Lord placed in his heart? After going through a season of turmoil and trial it became obvious that God was speaking to him about starting a culturally relevant church. 

This kingdom mandate would cause him to embrace the fivefold ministry with a deeper revelation and move in to a separate city with a fresh cutting edge vision for ministry.

The vision included helping the under privileged, training our youth, and  meeting needs in the community, while still being an apostolic ministry functioning under a fivefold anointing with the gifts of the Spirit being manifested in a way that would encourage believers to know that we serve the true and the living God. 

With all of these things in mind we present to you The Lords House Kingdom Church.


Welcome to The Lord’s House Kingdom Church where a community church is not only our goal but it is our everyday endeavor.



People are important, their everyday lives are important, and their inner crisis’s are important at The Lord’s House it is our heart and our mission to make all people understand that there is hope.

It is the hope that we have that which allows us to act on our faith, the hope that there are people who are yearning to find their purpose in the Kingdom but also the assurance that God’s Word always prevails.
We embrace the ordinary person who has imperfections, who needs help, and who wants to be a helper in the body of Christ.

We believe that your walk with Christ should be personal yet culturally relevant filled with the promises that have been given according to the word of God.